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The Next Generation of Briscoe

The Next Generation of Briscoe


It all started on a flight to Las Vegas when Bill and Jorden Briscoe Mahler, father and son owners of Briscoe Manor, had a conversation about the future of the Briscoe property on 723 in Richmond. That drawing on a paper napkin turned into a successful and unparalleled wedding and event venue nestled with large pecan trees that create the perfect backdrop and serene atmosphere. As Briscoe Manor approaches their 13th anniversary since creating their first happily ever after, Jorden reflects back on the beginning. “It was definitely a lot of hard work in the beginning with some ‘figure it out as we go’ mentality, but seeing our staff grow from just two people working every angle of the venue to our now 9 full time on-site staff; it is humbling, to say the least.”

Photo by Agape House Studio

“We are Texas all the way, but not in a cheesy, overused way.” Jorden explains that Briscoe Manor offers a subtle yet elegant rustic setting. The heritage behind the Briscoe family and land is rich and those involved with Briscoe Manor exude that ideal and make it their priority to keep that history alive. Jorden feels that the majority of the brides that choose Briscoe Manor as the place to have their wedding hold the same type of southern Christian family values, far from the bridezillas that you see on TV.

Photo by Carlino’s Photography

One thing you should know is that Briscoe Manor is more than just weddings. They recently added The Barn at Manor in 2017 that provides a space for smaller events such as corporate parties, birthday parties, anniversary dinners and bridal showers. “We also have a large paved private parking lot that a lot of other venues just aren’t putting at the top of their priority list; they are forcing people to pay for valet for their car to sit who knows where during the events.” Jorden’s wheels are always turning to provide new ideas to keep Briscoe Manor fresh in the already hot wedding industry, especially with the rise of new event venues. He is always trying to put money back into the business. In 2015, they added Ella’s Décor Barn which is an area for booked brides to design and rent items that the Briscoe Manor staff have noticed were popular amongst their current brides. In a world of Pinterest and DIY, this creative barn allows a bride the look and feel she is going for without having to buy numerous inventory items that she has no need for after the wedding. Jorden details the purpose in explaining, “It is all about trying to make it convenient for the bride.” Additions like this are what creates that edge that Briscoe Manor has above all other local event venues. So what lies ahead? Time will tell. They are always thinking of their next venture.

Photo by Jason Smelser Photography

Briscoe Manor’s legacy is something that is important and on the forefront of Jorden’s mind. When asked, he states, “For our legacy, I hope it’s one that created good jobs for our employees that they felt like they could take pride in and feel as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves. As for our Brides and Grooms, we treat people the way we want to be treated and that is largely proportionate to our success. Looking back, the families that choose Briscoe Manor for more than just one of their children …that’s when you know you’re doing it right.”

Photo by Kelly Costello Photography

Jorden’s Rundown

• I love thinking ahead and trying new things as a business owner.
• Growing up, I thought my grandpa was one of the smartest people I’ve ever known…and he was, even with a sixth grade education.
• The BIG 4-0 is happening for me this year.
• Smoking meat on my BBQ smoker is my new favorite hobby right after hunting.
• Children will bring out your parents in you real quick…it’s true.
• Always…be nice. I don’t care who you are, it doesn’t impress me and treat everyone the same.
• Amy Briscoe Mahler was my grandma and probably the sweetest lady I have ever known.
• Easton and Ella are our 5 year old twins. This year they will start kindergarten!
• My desk is a mess, yet I know where everything is.
• This year marks the 8-year Anniversary with my wife. We met in 2002 at Texas State.
• My degree is actually in Criminal Justice, but someone how I managed to find myself owning a wedding venue.
• Briscoe Manor is the best wedding venue in the Houston area…I like to think and I like to also think that we are the bar setter for all of the others to follow.
• Jeans, boots and a cap are my attire almost daily.
• October 2019 will mark our 13-year Anniversary here at Briscoe Manor, crazy how time flies.
• My Dad, Bill has played a much larger part of my life than he probably realizes. He retires this year and we can’t wait to hang out with him more!

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