Things to Do in Longview, Texas: Your Ultimate Guide to a Memorable Stay

Welcome to Longview, Texas—a town that combines southern charm, outdoor adventures, and a bustling cultural scene. If you’re planning a trip to this captivating city, you’ll be pleased to know there’s no shortage of exciting things to do in Longview, Texas. Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the most exciting, entertaining, and enriching activities that this charming city has to offer!


1. Welcome to Longview: The Heart of East Texas

Before we jump into the attractions, let’s talk about the city itself. Longview is located in Gregg and Harrison counties and is an important hub for East Texas. Its strategic location makes it a convenient place for both tourists and locals looking for an array of activities—from nature walks to buzzing nightlife.

2. Embrace the Great Outdoors: Longview Arboretum & Nature Center

One of the best outdoor attractions in Longview is the Longview Arboretum & Nature Center. With its expansive green spaces, hiking trails, and educational exhibits, it’s a paradise for nature lovers of all ages.

3. Step Back in Time: Gregg County Historical Museum

If you’re a history buff, the Gregg County Historical Museum is a must-see. The museum features captivating exhibits that dive deep into the history and cultural development of Longview and East Texas.

4. The Golfer’s Paradise: Alpine Target Golf Center

For those who love hitting the links, Longview offers various golf courses, but the Alpine Target Golf Center stands out for its excellent course design and panoramic views.

5. A Place for Families: Lear Park

Looking for a place to enjoy a sunny day with the kids? Head over to Lear Park, a multifaceted recreational area complete with playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic spots.

6. The Arts Scene: Longview Museum of Fine Arts

Longview Museum of Fine Arts offers an array of contemporary and classical art, making it a great destination for culture aficionados.

7. Shop ‘Til You Drop: Longview Mall

Love shopping? Longview Mall provides a comprehensive shopping experience, featuring everything from high-end brands to charming boutiques.

8. Authentic Texas Cuisine: Local Restaurants

You can’t visit Texas and not indulge in its culinary treasures. We recommend dining at Bodacious Bar-B-Q for the quintessential Texas BBQ experience.

9. Nightlife and Entertainment: Graham Central Station

If you’re in the mood for some late-night fun, Graham Central Station offers a range of entertainment from live music to dance floors.

10. Catch a Show: LeTourneau University Belcher Center

For a high-brow night out, don’t miss a performance at the LeTourneau University Belcher Center, known for hosting everything from classical concerts to Broadway shows.

11. Festivals and Seasonal Events

From the Great Texas Balloon Race to the Zonta Antique Show, Longview is home to various annual events that offer fun-filled activities for all ages. Make sure to check the local calendar during your visit!


There you have it! These are some of the best things to do in Longview, Texas. Whether you’re into history, looking to explore the natural wonders, or just want to experience the local culture, Longview offers something for everyone. Each activity offers a different slice of what makes Longview so unique. So, plan your itinerary, pack your bags, and get ready for a memorable trip that’ll leave you longing to return to Longview!