A Comprehensive Guide to Schools in Angleton, Texas

Angleton, Texas, located in the heart of Brazoria County, offers a welcoming community atmosphere and a school district that’s committed to excellence in education. For families residing in or considering a move to Angleton, the educational environment is a pivotal aspect. This guide delves into the diverse educational opportunities available in Angleton, from public schools to higher education and specialty programs, ensuring parents and students can make well-informed decisions.


1. Angleton Independent School District (AISD)

Excellence in Education

Angleton Independent School District is the cornerstone of education in the area, serving approximately 6,500 students across several campuses. Known for its strong academic programs, AISD boasts a tradition of excellence, with a focus on preparing students for higher education and the workforce through a robust curriculum and innovative teaching methods.

2. Elementary Schools in Angleton

Building a Strong Foundation

AISD operates several elementary schools, each dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for young learners:

  • Northside Elementary School: Known for its veteran educators and a strong emphasis on literacy.
  • Southside Elementary School: Focuses on STEM education from an early age, integrating technology into everyday learning.
  • Westside Elementary School: Offers a bilingual program and various extracurricular activities to develop well-rounded students.

3. Middle Schools in Angleton

Transitioning to Advanced Learning

As students progress, Angleton’s middle schools provide an environment that supports academic and personal growth:

  • Angleton Junior High School: Prepares students for high school with a diverse curriculum and strong athletic and arts programs.
  • Central Middle School: Known for its innovative programs that cater to varying student interests and academic needs.

4. High Schools in Angleton

Preparing for the Future

Angleton High School, the main high school in the district, is recognized for its excellence in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. It offers Advanced Placement courses, dual credit options, and career and technology education, equipping students with skills and knowledge for college and beyond.

5. Special Education Programs

Inclusive Education for All

AISD is committed to providing comprehensive special education services tailored to meet the individual needs of students. These programs ensure that all students, regardless of their challenges, receive a quality education and the necessary support to succeed.

6. Extracurricular Activities

Beyond the Classroom

Angleton schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that contribute to student development, including:

  • Sports: Football, basketball, swimming, and more.
  • Arts: Band, choir, theater arts, and visual arts programs.
  • Clubs: From robotics to environmental clubs, providing students numerous avenues to pursue their interests and passions.

7. Advanced Academic Programs

Encouraging Academic Excellence

For students seeking more rigorous academic challenges, AISD offers gifted and talented programs as well as honors classes that promote higher-level thinking skills and in-depth learning.

8. Community Engagement and Support

Strong Community Ties

The Angleton community plays an active role in supporting education through various partnerships and initiatives. Local businesses and organizations often collaborate with schools to enhance educational outcomes and provide students with real-world experience.

9. Continuing Education Opportunities

Lifelong Learning

For adults and non-traditional students, Angleton offers continuing education courses through local community colleges and vocational schools, which are accessible and geared towards improving skills and gaining certifications.

10. College Preparation Resources

Readiness for Higher Education

Angleton High School provides students with excellent college preparatory resources, including counseling services, college fairs, SAT/ACT preparation workshops, and more, ensuring students are well-prepared for their next steps after graduation.


Angleton, Texas offers a dynamic and supportive educational environment, making it an attractive destination for families prioritizing quality education. From the robust programs at Angleton Independent School District to the community’s commitment to educational excellence, Angleton nurtures young minds to develop into successful, well-rounded individuals. The dedication to maintaining high educational standards, coupled with extensive extracurricular and advanced learning opportunities, ensures that students in Angleton are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in academics and beyond. Whether you’re new to the area or have been part of the community for years, Angleton’s schools provide the resources and support to help every student achieve their fullest potential.