The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in New Braunfels, Texas

New Braunfels, the charming city nestled between San Antonio and Austin, is renowned for its rich German heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and more recently, its thriving culinary scene. If you’re a food lover plotting a culinary escapade in Texas, New Braunfels is a must-visit. Here’s a curated guide to the best restaurants in New Braunfels, Texas.


1. Gruene River Grill: Riverside Delights

Overlooking the Guadalupe River, Gruene River Grill offers a fusion of traditional Texan dishes with a modern twist. Whether it’s their renowned shrimp and grits or their sumptuous pecan pie, the views are just as delightful as the food.

2. Alpine Haus Restaurant: A German Odyssey

Given New Braunfels’ German roots, indulging in authentic German cuisine is a given. Alpine Haus, set in a quaint vintage home, offers classics like Wiener Schnitzel and Sauerbraten, transporting you straight to Bavaria.

3. Buttermilk Café: Breakfast Royalty

Regarded as the breakfast kingpin of the city, Buttermilk Café is where southern comfort meets morning delights. Their fluffy pancakes and savory omelets are nothing short of a morning dream.

4. Muck & Fuss: Burger Perfection

With locally-sourced ingredients and inventive combinations, Muck & Fuss is where burger enthusiasts flock. Pair their gourmet burgers with craft beers for a meal you’ll reminisce about.

5. The Reel Seafood & Grill: Fresh from the Waters

For those craving the taste of the ocean, The Reel Seafood & Grill is a haven. From freshly shucked oysters to the catch of the day, it’s a seafood extravaganza here.

6. Krause’s Café: Beer Garden Bliss

Another nod to the city’s German heritage, Krause’s Café offers a vast beer selection in their sprawling biergarten. With live music and delectable sausages, it’s an experience steeped in camaraderie.

7. Huisache Grill: Texan Flavors Elevated

Offering a blend of casual elegance with distinctly Texan dishes, Huisache Grill is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their wine list is as impeccable as their steaks.

8. Inferno’s Wood Fired Oven & Spirits: Pizza Like No Other

A modern and trendy spot, Inferno’s brings the authentic taste of wood-fired pizza. With gourmet toppings and a cozy ambiance, it’s pizza paradise in the heart of Texas.

9. Clear Springs Restaurant: The Catfish Capital

You can’t visit Texas and not indulge in some fried catfish. Clear Springs offers this and more, in an ambiance reminiscent of old-school Texas.

10. McAdoo’s Seafood Company: A Historic Feast

Set in a converted historic post office, McAdoo’s offers a range of seafood delights. The unique setting complements the fresh flavors, making dining here a multisensory experience.


New Braunfels, Texas, with its melange of cultural influences, has evolved into a culinary hotspot. Whether you’re drawn to its German heritage, classic Texan flavors, or innovative fusions, the city’s dining scene promises an unparalleled gastronomic journey. As with any city rich in eateries, the best way to discover its culinary heart is to explore, taste, and savor. After all, in New Braunfels, every meal tells a story, and each restaurant is an invitation to be part of that narrative.