Annual Events in Waco, Texas: A Year-Round Celebration

Nestled along the Brazos River, Waco, Texas is more than just a pitstop between Dallas and Austin. Beyond its rich history and the popularity brought by HGTV’s Fixer Upper, Waco boasts a year-round calendar filled with vibrant events and festivities. Whether you’re a local or a traveler planning your next trip, immerse yourself in the best annual events in Waco Texas.


1. Waco Cultural Arts Fest

Kicking off our list is the Waco Cultural Arts Fest. This multidisciplinary event celebrates the vibrant art scene of Waco, showcasing visual arts, music, dance, and more. A perfect family event, this fest promises interactive workshops, live performances, and local art displays.

2. Brazos Nights

Spanning throughout the summer months, Brazos Nights brings the best of live music to Indian Spring Park. This series of free concerts caters to all music tastes, from blues and country to rock and Latin.

3. Texas Food Truck Showdown

Texas and food trucks are a match made in heaven. Hosted annually, the Texas Food Truck Showdown offers tantalizing treats from across the state. Culinary enthusiasts can enjoy diverse cuisines while participating in fun competitions.

4. Waco Wonderland

As winter rolls in, Waco transforms into a winter wonderland. Waco Wonderland is the city’s hallmark Christmas event, featuring a tree lighting ceremony, parades, ice skating, and a holiday market.

5. Paddle on the Brazos

Highlighting Waco’s scenic river, this event invites both professionals and amateurs to participate in canoe and kayak races. Beyond the competition, Paddle on the Brazos also focuses on river conservation and eco-friendly initiatives.

6. Deep in the Heart Film Festival

For cinephiles, this event is a treat. Celebrating both international and local films, the Deep in the Heart Film Festival showcases indie films, documentaries, and shorts, coupled with Q&A sessions with filmmakers.

7. Homestead Craft Fair

Dive deep into Texan crafts and traditions at the Homestead Craft Fair. From blacksmithing and pottery to weaving and woodworking, this event offers hands-on workshops and unique craft products.

8. Margarita & Salsa Festival

Spice up your summer at the Margarita & Salsa Festival. Apart from the titular drinks and dip, this fest features live country and Tejano music, ensuring a dancing good time!

9. Baylor Homecoming Parade

Rooted in tradition, the Baylor Homecoming Parade is among the oldest and largest college homecomings in the U.S. A mix of floats, balloons, and bands, this parade epitomizes school spirit.

10. Waco’s Annual Veterans Day Parade

Paying homage to the nation’s heroes, Waco’s Veterans Day Parade is a heartwarming procession. Community participation and patriotic displays make it a touching tribute to those who’ve served.


While often overshadowed by its bigger Texan counterparts, Waco stands out with its diverse annual events, reflecting its rich culture, community spirit, and vibrant energy. From cinematic gems to culinary showdowns, from art fests to rhythmic nights, Waco promises a year packed with memories. So, whether you’re marking your calendar or planning a visit, Waco’s events ensure there’s never a dull moment in the heart of Texas!