Celebrating Llano: A Year of Festivities in the Texas Hill Country

Llano’s annual events are a reflection of its community spirit and rich cultural tapestry. Each event, whether steeped in tradition or a newer addition, contributes to the town’s vibrant character.


Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF): Art Meets Nature

Every spring, the Llano Earth Art Fest transforms the banks of the Llano River into a canvas for creativity and environmental appreciation. Artists from around the globe gather to create stunning rock sculptures, known as Rock Stacking, that defy gravity. With live music, workshops, and family-friendly activities, LEAF is a celebration of art, nature, and community.

Llano Fiddle Fest Weekend: Strings Sing in the Hill Country

April in Llano resonates with the melodies of the Llano Fiddle Fest Weekend, a tribute to Texas’ rich musical heritage. The event features fiddle competitions, workshops, and performances, highlighting both seasoned musicians and rising stars. It’s a must-attend for music lovers and those intrigued by Texas’ fiddling traditions.

Llano Crawfish Open: A Culinary Delight

The Llano Crawfish Open is the epitome of Texas hospitality and culinary adventure. Held in April, this event offers delicious crawfish boils, live music, a golf tournament, and various entertainment options, providing fun for the entire family while supporting local charities.

Llano Rodeo: The Oldest Open Rodeo in Texas

Established in 1935, the Llano Rodeo is celebrated as the oldest open rodeo in Texas. Occurring in June, this event showcases thrilling rodeo action, including bronc riding, barrel racing, and mutton bustin’. The rodeo parade and dance add to the festivities, embodying the cowboy spirit of the Hill Country.

Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off: A Taste of the Past

The Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off brings history to life each fall, as teams compete using traditional 1880s chuck wagon cooking methods. Attendees can sample authentic cowboy cuisine, from biscuits and beans to cobblers, providing a delicious journey back in time.

Starving Artists’ Sale: Creativity on Display

Held after Thanksgiving, the Starving Artists’ Sale offers a unique opportunity to purchase handmade arts and crafts at affordable prices. This event supports local artists while providing holiday shoppers with one-of-a-kind gifts, from paintings and pottery to jewelry and textiles.

Llano’s Lighted Christmas Parade: A Holiday Spectacle

The holiday season in Llano is ushered in with the Lighted Christmas Parade, an enchanting evening of floats, lights, and holiday cheer. Downtown Llano also shines with decorations and activities, including visits with Santa, making it a magical time for community gathering and celebration.

Wild Game Dinner: A Hunter’s Feast

The Wild Game Dinner, hosted by the Llano County Historical Museum, is a tribute to Llano’s hunting heritage. Featuring dishes made from various game, this event offers a unique culinary experience and a chance to learn about local wildlife and hunting traditions.

Llano Heritage Weekend: Honoring History and Tradition

Llano Heritage Weekend is a vibrant celebration of the town’s rich history and cultural traditions. With historical reenactments, storytelling, and traditional crafts, this event offers a glimpse into the life of early Llano settlers and the legacy they’ve left behind.

Conclusion: Llano’s Year-Round Celebration of Community and Culture

In conclusion, Llano, Texas, with its array of annual events, stands as a beacon of community, culture, and Texas pride. Each festival and gathering not only offers entertainment and enjoyment but also strengthens the bonds among residents and welcomes visitors into the heart of the Hill Country. From the artistic expressions of LEAF to the historical homage of the Wild Game Dinner, Llano’s events capture the essence of this unique Texas town. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a first-time visitor, Llano invites you to join in the celebrations and become part of a community that cherishes its past, lives joyfully in the present, and looks forward to a vibrant future.