Annual Events in Fulshear, Texas: A Celebration for Every Season

Fulshear, Texas, is not just a place with scenic beauty and a vibrant shopping scene; it’s a town that knows how to celebrate life in style. From the charm of its annual festivals to the exuberance of seasonal events, Fulshear wears its festive spirit on its sleeve. Let’s delve into the best annual events in Fulshear Texas that make this town an exciting hub of cultural and communal celebrations.


1. Fulshear Freedom Fest

Every 4th of July, Fulshear’s skies light up in a magnificent display of patriotism. The Freedom Fest is a day of music, parades, fireworks, and community bonding that sees participation from locals and visitors alike.

2. Fulshear Scarecrow Festival

October in Fulshear is synonymous with the Scarecrow Festival. It’s a unique event where creativity meets tradition. Locals display handcrafted scarecrows throughout the town, each telling a different story.

3. Fulshear Farmers’ Market Annual Gala

Though the Farmers’ Market is a weekly affair, the annual gala is a special occasion. A day when the best of local produce and crafts get the spotlight, coupled with music and dance performances.

4. Fulshear Christmas Tree Lighting

As winter sets in, Fulshear’s festive spirit shines bright. The annual Christmas Tree Lighting event sees the whole town coming together, enjoying carol singing, hot cocoa, and the magical ambiance of twinkling lights.

5. Fulshear Art Walk

A paradise for art enthusiasts, the Art Walk showcases the talent of local artists. From paintings to sculptures, this event is a visual treat and an ode to Fulshear’s vibrant arts scene.

6. Fulshear Frost Fest

January sees Fulshear transform into a winter wonderland with the Frost Fest. Snow slides, ice sculptures, and winter-themed games make it a much-awaited event for families.

7. Fulshear Derby Day

Held in May, the Derby Day is all about horse races, fashion, and fancy hats. A nod to the Kentucky Derby, Fulshear’s version is a blend of sophistication and local flavors.

8. Spring Fling at Fulshear

As spring sets in, the town celebrates with a fling! Filled with music, dance, food stalls, and a carnival atmosphere, the Spring Fling is a representation of Fulshear’s spirit of celebration.

9. Fulshear Wine and Food Fest

For the epicureans, this event is a dream come true. Held annually, it brings together the finest wines and gourmet dishes, offering a tantalizing experience for the palate.

10. Fulshear’s Historic Tours

Though not a festival, the annual historic tours deserve mention. Each year, local historians guide residents and visitors through Fulshear’s rich history, making the past come alive through stories and landmarks.


Fulshear, Texas, with its rich tapestry of cultural, seasonal, and historic events, is more than just a town; it’s a living, breathing entity that celebrates life with gusto. Each annual event is a reflection of Fulshear’s community spirit, its traditions, and its forward-looking approach. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Fulshear’s events calendar promises a year filled with memories, merriment, and moments that capture the essence of this beautiful Texan town.