Annual Events in Belton, Texas: Your Ultimate Guide to Year-Round Fun

Welcome to Belton, Texas, a charming town known for its Southern hospitality and vibrant community life. If you’re looking to experience Belton at its best, you won’t want to miss its annual events that reflect the heart and soul of this Texan haven. From festivals that celebrate the town’s rich heritage to modern gatherings that showcase local art and culture, there are annual events in Belton Texas throughout the year.


Why Belton’s Annual Events are a Must-See

Belton’s annual events are a cornucopia of culture, tradition, and community spirit. These events offer an ideal way for both locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the unique flavor of this Texan town. Whether you’re into rodeos, art shows, or seasonal markets, there’s an event to suit every taste and age group.

January: Belton Winter Wonderland

The year kicks off with Belton’s Winter Wonderland, a magical event that transforms the town square into a snowy paradise. Enjoy ice skating, hot cocoa stations, and even a snowball fight zone for the kids.

February: Belton Art Walk

February brings the Belton Art Walk. This event features artists from all over Texas showcasing their talents. With live painting sessions, art installations, and the opportunity to purchase unique art pieces, this event is a feast for the eyes.

April: The Belton Rodeo

Nothing says Texas like a good old-fashioned rodeo. The Belton Rodeo in April is a cherished tradition that includes bull riding, barrel racing, and calf roping. Don’t miss the cowboy boots and Stetsons—they’re practically a uniform here.

June: The Belton Music Festival

When summer rolls around, it’s time for the Belton Music Festival. Local and international musicians take to the stage to offer a range of musical genres, from country and blues to rock and jazz.

July: Belton’s Independence Day Parade & Celebration

The 4th of July is a big deal in Belton. The town hosts one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in Central Texas, preceded by a grand parade that attracts thousands of spectators.

August: Belton’s Summer Farmers’ Market

August is the peak season for fresh produce, and there’s no better place to get it than at Belton’s Summer Farmers’ Market. Organic fruits, vegetables, and local crafts are aplenty here, making it a perfect outing for families.

October: Belton Fall Carnival

October brings the excitement of the Belton Fall Carnival, featuring fun rides, games, and seasonal treats like pumpkin pies and apple cider.

November: The Belton Antique Show

For those who love vintage and unique items, the Belton Antique Show in November is a treasure trove. You’ll find everything from vintage furniture to collectibles and jewelry.

December: Christmas on the Chisholm Trail

Rounding out the year is the delightful Christmas on the Chisholm Trail. This holiday extravaganza includes a Christmas market, Santa’s village, and a mesmerizing display of Christmas lights.

Plan Your Trip: Making the Most of Annual Events

To get the most out of these events, consider planning your trip around them. Belton’s annual events tend to attract a crowd, so book your accommodations in advance. Check event websites for any early bird tickets or special packages that may be available.


In summary, Belton’s annual events provide a window into the town’s culture, community spirit, and love for a good time. Whether you’re looking to experience traditional Texan rodeos or immerse yourself in art and music, Belton has you covered. Each event offers something unique, ensuring that every visit to this charming town is a new adventure. So, mark your calendars and make your plans; the annual events in Belton, Texas are occasions you won’t want to miss!