A Vibrant Calendar: Annual Events in Bellville, Texas

Bellville, a picturesque town situated in Austin County, Texas, might be renowned for its historical charm and scenic beauty, but it’s also a hub for vibrant festivities and annual events. Celebrating a blend of Texan traditions, arts, culture, and community spirit, Bellville ensures that there’s something happening all year round. Let’s dive deep into the most iconic annual events in Bellville, Texas.


1. Bellville Market Days

Every first Saturday of the month, the heart of Bellville transforms into a bustling market space. Here, visitors can enjoy an array of vendors showcasing handmade crafts, artisanal goods, fresh produce, and much more. It’s the perfect spot to grab a unique gift or simply soak in the lively atmosphere.

2. Austin County Fair & Rodeo

A cornerstone of Bellville’s event calendar, the Austin County Fair & Rodeo is a week-long celebration of Texan culture. Revel in thrilling rodeo events, musical performances, carnival rides, and mouthwatering local food.

3. Small Town Christmas

Experience the magic of the festive season Texan-style during the first weekend of December. Bellville’s Small Town Christmas offers carolers, horse-drawn carriage rides, twinkling lights, and a visit from Santa himself. The highlight? The iconic Christmas tree lighting at the courthouse square.

4. Bellville St. Joseph’s Funfest

Held every April, this event combines fun, food, and faith. With live music, games, auctions, and a BBQ cook-off, it’s a wholesome family event that brings the community together.

5. The Heritage Gathering

Step back in time during Bellville’s Heritage Gathering. Celebrating the rich history and traditions of Texas, this event features vintage farm equipment, traditional crafts, antique cars, and historical reenactments.

6. Bellville Brahmas Football Season

Experience the fervor of Texan high school football. The Bellville Brahmas, the pride of the town, ensure electrifying matches that pull in locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss the homecoming game, an event steeped in tradition and spirit.

7. Springtime Bloom Fest

Come spring, Bellville is adorned in a tapestry of colors. The Bloom Fest celebrates this transformation with garden tours, plant sales, and expert gardening workshops. It’s a haven for plant lovers and those looking to spruce up their gardens.

8. Annual Wine Walk

Wine enthusiasts, rejoice! Every autumn, Bellville hosts its Wine Walk, inviting Texas wineries to showcase their best bottles. Paired with local cheeses, chocolates, and entertainment, it’s a delightful evening for connoisseurs and novices alike.

9. Concerts at the Bellville Historic Square

Throughout the year, Bellville’s historic square resonates with melodies. From country to blues and rock, these open-air concerts celebrate diverse musical genres. Grab a blanket, pack a picnic, and groove to some tuneful evenings.

10. Ranch Rodeo Weekend

Texan ranch life takes center stage during the Ranch Rodeo Weekend. Witness traditional ranching activities turned into competitive events, from cattle branding to wild cow milking. It’s an authentic slice of Texan ranch life, presented with a twist of fun.


With its rich tapestry of events, Bellville, Texas, promises more than just serene landscapes and historical landmarks. It offers experiences — moments where traditions come alive, and the community’s spirit shines bright. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Bellville ensures that every season brings with it a reason to celebrate, to come together, and to relish the joys of small-town Texas charm. So, mark your calendars and be a part of Bellville’s vibrant event journey!